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Our homes, just for you.

Our homes are design-led to provide light and spacious environments, whether you're relaxing peacefully, socialising with friends or celebrating with loved ones.

Our homes are unique, just like you.

Our craftsmen use time-honoured building traditions and only the best materials to produce a fine finish. The wealth of local knowledge we possess enables us to develop homes in some of the most sought after areas in the South East.

Modern living, beautifully crafted.

Over the years our customers have consistently found the quality of our homes reassuring. Yes, our keen eye for design certainly makes our properties look elegant and inviting, but they’re also refreshingly practical, functional and durable.

Treating the planet with respect.

At Rushmon Homes we continually develop and update our environmental strategy to keep pace with ever-deepening understanding of climate change and new, cleaner technologies. We are proud to report that the majority of our projects are built on recycled land.

Our passionately held aim is to enhance the areas in which we build by replacing older, less eco-friendly buildings with new, more energy-efficient homes that will have less of an impact on the environment. We work hard to regenerate and improve the villages and towns in which we build, designing our homes in harmony with their surroundings to create a more desirable everyday ambience for all.

We buy land.

Being well established, we have ample funding to purchase new sites and a reputation for keeping to our promises and completing speedy purchases.

Rushmon buy land with detailed Planning and are equally interested in land subject to planning, taking sites through the process with local authorities. Brownfield sites for urban regeneration are of special interest to Rushmon Homes, and we are constantly looking for new and exciting development opportunities that allow us to regenerate and improve the villages and towns in which we build.

For a competitive bid on your land, or to find out its development potential, please get in touch with our land department (


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Tel: 01932 586777

2 Esher Road, Hersham, Surrey, KT12 4JY

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